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Time Off

Is your attention free? Can you stay focus on the present moment or you need to react to every “bip” and “bing” your smart phone produces?
We are all aware that Internet and social media are addictive. But still, we can’t help to check one more time our screen to see if something new has popped up in the last 3 seconds.

The irresistible need to check at our devises is an automatic reaction triggered by apps designed specifically to attract constantly our attention. Regain control of our attention may be a challenge.

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Is change dangerous?

african-roadCan the action of changing be dangerous?
Yes, it is! Because, by leaving what is known and secure, you move into the uncertain.
Changing a job or a personal attitude, meeting new people, stopping an old relationship, travelling to new places or learning something new are all actions that may awaken old frustrations or new wishes. [Read more]

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Getting out

Practicing conscious breathing is a bridge inside us. It allows us to notice what inside us is asking for our attention. What kind of sensations, that we usually prefer to ignore, are calling for our attention? Physical tension and rigidity, frustration, dissatisfaction, anger, irritation, tiredness, restricted breath. We can address the restricted breath by training our ability to breathe in different ways. We have already looked at this aspect in my previous articles and you can practice breathing with me every Thursday morning at my Praxis 🙂

What about the physical tension and rigidity? I refer specifically to the shoulder area, the belly and the lower back.[Read more]

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Another way to take a break

25.3.37 Filibert StepsHoliday season is approaching ! What does it means to take a break ?
A vacation should be a time when we regenerate and collect new energy to invest in our daily life.
It is also a time for doing something different : resting on the beach, trekking up mountains, party on beautiful islands 🙂
It can also be a time to know our self better and get stronger in who we are.

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Silence & Creativity – How to create an inner space to concretise our wishes

windowQuietness allows us to think about our passions and the steps that are necessary to support our intentions … and being more creative!
We tend to procrastinate what is important for us: our health, our heart, our mind, our joy of living… because we get busy with “the stuff we have to do “. It follows that we are too tired to take care of what we would like to realise for ourselves.

On the 4 meetings, through simple exercise (breathing, movement, writing), we train our attention and mobilise our energy in order to take the necessary steps in the direction you want to advance in.

We focus on the process of realising a personal project and the group will support us with its energy and without judgement.

Join us in this journey combing doing and passivity !

4 Meetings of 2 hours each.
Participants: Min 6 – Max 8 persons
Price: 300.- fr.

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Picture Massimo Martino