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Is change dangerous?

african-roadCan the action of changing be dangerous?
Yes, it is! Because, by leaving what is known and secure, you move into the uncertain.
Changing a job or a personal attitude, meeting new people, stopping an old relationship, travelling to new places or learning something new are all actions that may awaken old frustrations or new wishes. By making changes, you may find yourself out of balance. You may realise that things are not going in the “right” direction, that time is passing by and that project that is so important to your heart is still in the “to do list” phase. You realise you spend too much time with people you don’t like and not enough with people you love.

If you don’t face the “danger” of changing what you believe is certain, you incur the bigger risk of having your energy decreasing slowly, your motivation turning off quietly, your joy disappearing discretely. You may finally find yourself becoming passive and bitter, losing the spark in your eyes.

What can you do to prevent it?
The first step is to pay attention to your level of energy and to have the courage to ask yourself  “Am I satisfied? Am I doing the best for myself and for the people I care for? Am I taking good care of myself?”
The second step is to invest in what is supporting your energy.
Take care of your Body, your Brain and your Heart.
The third step is to start!

  1. Take care of your Body:
    Move your body;
    Breathe consciously and in different ways;
  2. Take care of your Brain:
    Learn something new;
    Use your hands (create, work in the garden, cook).
  3. Take care of your Heart:
    Meet new people;
    Reconnect with old friends;
    Spend some quality time by yourself.

Take the risk and do something “dangerous”: change your habits!
What is alive is never static 🙂

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