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Fatigue: enemy or friend?

tiredAre you often feeling exhausted?
Do you have the impression that you do too much?
Or because you feel tired you do less and you feel your frustration growing?

How do we use the sensation of being tired? This question may appear strange, but resting and regaining energy, in our very active and stimulating life, is not obvious.

I observed that we apply two main strategies when we feel tired:

  • The passive way: we try to rest by distracting our selves in front of Tv, computer or social networking. This is the “lazy” strategy.
  • The active way: when we try to keep going, performing in all our situations without considering letting go some of our activities. This is the “overacting” strategy.

Doing too much may lead us to exhaustion, but also doing to less can produce the same result
So how can we find a balance between passivity and activity? Between resting and challenging our selves? Between relaxing and being active?

Our body is the best place where to invest. In our body we can transform our fatigue and create new energy and strength.

I give a workshop Fatigue: Enemy or Friend, in collaboration of Massimo Martinofocusing on this topics:

  • Explore our reactions to fatigue.
  • Consider what we can do to increase our level of energy.
  • Train together 3 simple exercises.

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