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Changing perception

thIn our last article, we explored the topic of Fatigue: is this sensation an enemy to fight or a friend to listen to? Actually Fatigue is a body experience from which we can learn good balance between the need to rest and the need to be active.
One of the suggestions we gave to the participants was to create more body awareness, which means more energy.
How do we do that? Through exercises to reconnect with our body and to specifically train our perception… With the cold!

Let me tell you a bit about my own experience with the cold: I love the warm. Summer is my season, especially when it is hot. So I was very surprised to realise that I had a reaction against the cold. I thought that that was normal for a “Summer girl” like me: I didn’t like the cold because I loved the warm. It was a “natural” phenomenon.

I realised, by training through the teaching of Massimo Martino, that my “natural” experience of the cold was not at all natural! My mindset was very much constructed against the cold: “it is too cold for me” and “because it is cold I will get sick”. I was tense, so my blood could not freely circulate through my body and warm it up.

I associated the cold to an enemy instead of perceiving it as an experience. And because of that, I automatically assumed that it was negative, unpleasant and dangerous.
All this was consuming a lot of my energy and was making me tired!

So I started to expose myself to the cold by taking cooler showers, by meditating in my balcony without my jacket and by going to the swimming pool again. And during those situations, I was breathing deeply, keeping my muscles relaxed and meeting the cold not automatically as an enemy but as a sensation.
I was amazed to realise that it was not at all unpleasant. My circulation improved and now that winter has started, I am not suffering when I am outside.

If you would like to know more about how to increase your body awareness and change your perceptions, contact-me!

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