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New Year’s Resolution

DSC06469We ended the year talking about changing our perception by training with a little enemy: the cold 🙂
If you settled a New Year’s Resolution, it is possible, that to succeed, you will need to change your perception about something. And this may not be easy!

Why that? Because for changing something in our life, we need to change our perception about our self. The way we think about what is possible or not. The trust we have on our abilities to maintain our motivation. This kind of process requires a bit of training and discipline in order to stand some uncomfortable feelings or sensations that may arise during the process of change.Just think about it: if it was easy, we would have done it long ago, isn’t it?

So your New Year Resolution could be your little enemy – as the cold was for me – and train with it.

How to do that?
First step
Decide when, during your day or your week, you are going to work on the realisation of your New Year’s Resolution.
Second step
Notice how is your mindset, what are your believes or opinions that are working against your New Year’s Resolution: “I will not manage it”, “I don’t have the time/strength/courage”, “I have to do something else before”, “I will start tomorrow”, etc.
Notice what is physically uncomfortable: pains, tensions, tiredness, etc.
Notice what is emotionally uncomfortable: demotivation, fear of failing, being helpless, etc.
Third step
Change your perception by keeping your intention – without being hard towards yourself. Try to adapt with the difficulties and the obstacles you are experiencing, and keep working on the steps to accomplish your  New Year’s Resolution.

To change IS difficult. We are humans and we love routines. They make us feel safe and secure. So be kind to yourself while changing your perception. The problem of routines is that: they keep us in the same secure state and this sense of security become a prison! Choose to change.

Contact me if you need any support while realising your New Year’s Resolution!

Picture of Michelle Sabatini – 01.01.17 🙂

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