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The Breath, a bridge into your body

In our modern and busy life, it is very easy to find ourselves stuck in tensions, worries and restlessness. When our mind reacts to stressful situations and starts to run, it leads the all body into the stress responds. So we find ourselves believing that we cannot take a break, let go of the tensions or take a moment to relax before having done everything that is in our “to do list”. We don’t dare to take a pause because of the fear of missing out something very important or of not being able to respect a deadline. We are convinced that only when the duty is accomplished, we will have the time – and also the authorization – to relax. The only little problem is that we have always something on our “to do list”.

When our rational mind is settled in a task, it is very hard to remember that we don’t get better results by running from one task to the next or by pushing ourselves during overtime hours. Specially when the task is complex and requires time, the most important aspect is to manage our energies: if you want to run a marathon you cannot sprint along the 42.2 km.

A practical way to slow down mind and body and reconnect them together, is to use the breath as a bridge into yourself. That will remind you that you can breathe not only for survival needs, but also:

  • to expand your body, it creates an inner massage,
  • to take some minutes of rest, it helps to recover your energy,
  • to relax, it helps to release the stress reaction.

All this creates a calm space where you perceive more of what is going on inside and around you, instead to run headless towards what seems to be the goal.
So, sit comfortable with a straight back. Take some deep breath and start to pay attention to your torso:

  • How it is expanding in all directions when you breathe in and reducing when you breathe out.
  • How your chest, ribs, back and belly participate to this movement.
  • How this practice is focusing your mind.

Then you start to work with your respiration: breathe in and out at the same length, counting for yourself until 6 when inhaling and counting until 6 when exhaling. Do that for some minutes.
This very simple practice will allow you to focus your mind, to release the reactions of stress and to recover some energy.

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