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This year’s accomplishments

Christmas is approaching…. Again 🙂
Even if you may not feel connected with this celebration, it is quite difficult to ignore it. So why not to use this period of the year to train our ability of paying attention?
The holiday’s period corresponds to a special moment in this part of the world: the 21st of December is the shortest day of the year, the winter Solstice. After that, days are getting longer. It says: winter reaches its maximum pick. A new period, a new year is on the point to start!
One way to prepare, before focusing on the New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them 😉 , is to acknowledge what you accomplished this year.

The accomplishments that I suggest you to look at are not only in the business or in the material worlds. If you wish to give Love more space, Christmas is a good excuse to connect – or reconnect –  with people you wish to nourish your relationship with.

How to do that?
Take every day time, between 5-15 minutes, to reflect to your accomplishments. I always suggest taking notes, because our mind forgets easily, especially when our focus goes on a negative direction. Then, when we feel insecure or not good enough, it is very important to have a nice list of accomplishments that reminds us what the reality is.

Consider those 3 aspects:

  • Business: work and/or activities
  • Material: things and/or goods
  • Relationships

Ask yourself:

  • What did I achieve on those aspects of my life during this year?
  • Which struggle did I meet?
  • Who did help and support me?
  • What is needed from me in the near future?

Maybe your successes are the result of the contribution of colleagues and friends.
Maybe you got support and help from your partner and family.
Maybe you have regrets.

Acknowledge them! Take actions:

  • Write a card – a real one!
  • Light a candle for a person or a situation.
  • Meditate about a situation to make sure that you are in peace with what happen.

Before wishing you a lovely end of the year, let me share with you a personal accomplishment.
For our first Christmas, my partner prepared for me an Advent Calendar. At that time, we were not living together and he organised that every day of December – until the 24th – I would receive or find a card from him. That was a very special, long gift that made me extremely happy. All those cards are now in a book that I’m taking out for the first day of December and enjoying again this magical act of love.

Merry Solstice day and happy New Year 🙂

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