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The honesty journal

In the previous article, we talked about the importance of being honest and about a tool: the honesty journal 🙂
But how does it work, exactly, an honesty journal? Is it about saying always what we feel or what we think truthfully? Do we need to “impose” it to our friends, family and colleagues, despite social conventions and despite the risk of hurting other people’s feelings?
No! Let’s focus on the person who is the closest to us: ourselves!

We can train being honest through asking to ourselves a very banal question: How are you today?

When we think about the answers we give and receive to this question, we can see that they are often without meaning. This question is often used as an introduction. So we are used to dedicate less or even any attention to the answer.
This can seems absolutely fine, but the problem is that by paying little attention to what actually is my state today, “how am I”, we lost the ability to connect with ourselves, to perceive ourselves.

If you are interested in keeping an honesty journal, you can answer daily, for example at the end of the day, during 30 days, to one of those questions:

  • How did I feel physically today? Give attention to your physical sensations, your level of energy, of tiredness, of tensions.
  • How did I feel in relationship today? Give attention to your way of being in relationship, for example relaxed or tensed, cautious or spontaneous, connected or distant.
  • How were my thought today? Give attention to your mental state : the moments of judging, blaming or comparing. The moments of quietness and concentration.

I wish you great success with your honesty journal! And remember, this practice may provoke some changes in your physical state, in your relationship or waken new dynamics in other parts of your life.

I will be happy to support you!

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