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What is your purpose ?

After my last article, many people asked me: “what did you mean when you wrote that the rain forest is not only the lung of the planet but also one of its hearts?”. I meant that the experience of stepping out of my comfort zone, of admiring the beauty and the strength of the Nature, of being inspired by another culture had an intense impact on my ability to feel connected with what is around me.
It allowed me to experience more Love. Love of being alive and Love for life.

One aspect I have learned from the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian rainforest is about their commitment to protect the forest. They clearly stand for that and they ask us – from the “modern world” – to stand with them by changing our consumption habits so to respect Mother Nature.
This commitment was very inspiring: a manifestation of courage and courage is one aspect of Love.

That made me wonder about how we normally commit to what is important for us…. How our courage appears in our daily life.
In this liquid society, values have also become less consistent. Entertainment is much more appealing than politics, religion and sometimes even family. It is often the cool and detached attitude that seems to be valorized and the courage that leads to commit in something seems now out of fashion.

Often we hear ourselves or other people saying “we can’t change anything”.

This attitude creates the sensation that we are helpless and purposeless. It leads people to invest even more in a lifestyle that reinforce the stress and the dissatisfaction feeling.

The experience in the rainforest gave me a clearer purpose: I’m working with people because by supporting them in being more in contact with their body and their emotions, I support them to be more in contact also with their bond with this living planet. And we humans are part of it.

What is your own purpose? What is motivating you to start your day every morning?
If you find difficult to answer these questions, being more aware of your body, of what you feel and experience, can support you in finding some answers.

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