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What is your purpose ?

After my last article, many people asked me: “what did you mean when you wrote that the rain forest is not only the lung of the planet but also one of its hearts?”. I meant that the experience of stepping out of my comfort zone, of admiring the beauty and the strength of the Nature, of being inspired by another culture had an intense impact on my ability to feel connected with what is around me.
It allowed me to experience more Love. Love of being alive and Love for life.
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Our inner Saboteurs

I made it! I kept my objective on going swimming 4 times a week for one month!
Thanks to all of you for your support and your sharing! That gave me a lot of motivation and energy 🙂

As you remember, we are discussing the topic about maintaining our intentions so we can realize a change in our perception about ourselves.
During this process we can learn a lot about what our difficulties are: too much alone? Lack of discipline? Lack of flexibility?

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