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Our inner Saboteurs

I made it! I kept my objective on going swimming 4 times a week for one month!
Thanks to all of you for your support and your sharing! That gave me a lot of motivation and energy 🙂

As you remember, we are discussing the topic about maintaining our intentions so we can realize a change in our perception about ourselves.
During this process we can learn a lot about what our difficulties are: too much alone? Lack of discipline? Lack of flexibility?

  1. The importance of having support: if you don’t have people supporting you with encouragement already, helping or sharing activities and if you are keen on that, I can recommend it and encourage you going find them! It helps our motivation.
  2. Lack of discipline is the tendency of finding “good” reasons for giving up. We believe that we have really good explanations to give up: I’m too busy with my work, it is too difficult, it is not the right time to do that, etc… with all this kind of excuses, we are sabotaging our own intentions.
  3. Lack of flexibility is the tendency of being to hard on ourselves. As soon as things don’t go according to our plans, we blame ourselves and we feel that we failed: I don’t manage to keep my commitments, I am lazy, I am too weak, I cannot organize my time. Those are other kinds of excuses, that also result in the sabotage of our intentions.

Being more conscious of those points is the key to avoid one specific result: to stop keeping our intentions and to give up. The awareness about our lack of support, of discipline and of flexibility will help us to better organize our next plan and realize our intention.
But acknowledging our weaknesses is not always easy. We may get disturbed to notice how easily we believe in our excuses or how hard and unkind we can be towards ourself. However, if we don’t face also these aspects of ourselves, we cannot grow.

Start with some easy challenges for 2-4 weeks: renouncing to chocolate or coffee, walking 15 minutes every day, checking your e-mail only 1 hour per day, etc.
This way, once you face a bigger challenge, you can more easily recognize your inner saboteurs.

By going through your inner saboteurs, you will nurture your intention and achieve your goals!

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