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Let’s go swimming… to keep our New Year’s Resolutions!

In the first article of 2017, we spoke about the New Year’s resolutions and the need to change our perception about ourselves

I hope you are doing well with your New Year’s Resolutions and I would like to share with you my personal challenge. I trust that it will support your own.

This is the structure I’m following,
1.  Define the intention
2. Check the feasibility of this intention
3. Plan in the agenda according with others commitments
4. Have a plan B if plan A fails
5. Announcing to friends and family.

One of my New Year’s Resolution is to train my physical endurance. Considering that I like to swim, I settled a little challenge to change my perception about physical effort.

1 → My intention is to support my wish to strength my endurance.

2 → My first idea was to go swimming 5 times a week, minimum 30 minutes, for one month. After checking the feasibility of this idea with my other commitments, I realized that it was more realistic to schedule 4 swim appointments per week.
I have all what I need: swimming suit, entrances to the swimming pool, swimming goggles 🙂

3 → I decided to start Monday the 20th of February – and settled the dates where I will go to the swimming pool till the 20th of March.

4 → My plan B – if plan A fails – is: I will try to go to swim in another day of the week. If that is not possible, I will extend the challenge by adding one week to the end date.

5 → By announcing my intention to you, I make my commitment more real and I feel very much motivated to start. Thank you!

If you need support to find the way to realize your New Year’s Resolutions, contact me. I will be very happy to work with you!


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