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Validate my feelings

“I don’t even know where to begin as Michelle has helped me in countless ways and situations but if I had to break it down I would say that Michelle helped me to:
a) become more aware of what I feel (and where I feel it) and to validate those feelings;
b) actually listen what those feelings want to tell me and to not burry them somewhere deep inside.
I also re-learnt how to breath and to recognize those tell-tale signs when something is not okay and needs more reflection. Or when just to cry (the amount of Kleenex tissues I have used during sessions is ridiculous) and let go of it all.
Furthermore, with Michelle’s help I was able to break down reaction patterns which I have kept up since my early childhood. It takes practice and patience but being aware of such patterns is an absolute game changer.
Unfortunately, we relocated to the US and Michelle did not come with me but I will always hold those therapy sessions close to my heart and will continue working on myself.
For anyone pondering whether you should go and see Michelle, I can’t recommend her enough: You cannot go wrong with having Michelle help you on your journey! Her expertise, her humor, and her empathy will guide and support you on your way. For everything you have helped me with, I say Thank you, Michelle! Aloha” Amy

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