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The “To Be” Intention

In the last articles we talked about uncertainties. The Corona virus times are still remembering us that we can not be certain about what will happen in the next months. This period may be an invitation to all of us to strengthen our ability to settle our intentions. Let me explain that.
Often we have the intention to DO something or to GET something. Now it could be the moment to train the intention to BE…. calm, open, confident on these moments of agitation, fear and annoyance. Or the intention to BE… attentive, careful and mindful on these moments where we observe the running back to “normal” – whatever “normal” is.

To cultivate an intention about how we would like to be in this period, helps us to maintain our focus and to not react automatically to things happening around us, specially when these things are bothering us.
We could apply the “to be” intention to others situations: the intention to speak up our mind so to be truth to ourselves. The intention to accomplish a task or a project until the end so to face the fear of failing. The intention to take time for something important so to nourish our heart’s wishes.

How to apply this in our daily life?
First, start by define your intention as clearer as possible:

  • who you would like to be,
  • what are the situations,
  • who are the persons involved in these situations – if any.

Second, work with your breathing to create space into your body and feel what this intention means for you. If you notice some uncomfortable feelings or even fear, don’t worry. That is part of the process.
Third, keep nourishing your intention. If you let yourself be taken by the rush of the daily, “normal” life, it will be very easy to forget your intention. This is why it is important to dedicate some time every day to it, like a kind of meditation. You may want to put it in your calendar or create a short ritual so to help you remember it.

Be aware that you need patience. A “to be” intention trains us to be patient but we need patience to cultivate a “to be” intention 🙂
I will happy to support you in creating, clarify and maintain your “to be” intention 🙂

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