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The connection between the visible and the invisible

At the end of the last year, I gave, with a friend, a workshop* aiming to increase consciousness about the challenges that our planet, and us with her, are facing.
One of our participants, a young man from Mongolia, shared with us a very interesting observation. He said that in one hand, in the western society, we are very busy, even obsessed, by the material world. In the other hand, we constantly neglect, even forget, about what is invisible to our eyes.

We usually assume that the material world doesn’t imply any spiritual content. But by nourishing a belief or an opinion – that belong to the invisible and not material world – we do have an impact on our community, on our attitude towards life and towards the divine.

For example, think about all the negative opinions we have about ourselves: ”I could have done this better”. “I should do more”. “I was not good enough”.
Or think about how little we use to question what seems to be evident: “it is normal to work always a bit more”. “It is normal to have to buy our food in the supermarket”. “It is normal to be stressed”.
Those are examples of beliefs, and beliefs are part of our invisible world like the spirits of the nature, the soul or the ghosts.

The visible and invisible worlds are indeed connected.
And because of that, our beliefs, whatever form they take, have an influence in the way we perceive and we act in our life. They are part of our thinking abilities: thoughts have an influence on our physical life, not only because they allow us to plan, to realize projects and concepts and to communicate. But they also influence our attitude towards ourselves and others. They influence our decisions and our actions, often without us being aware of them. Our thoughts have an effect on our ability to move and evolve in our life.

The problem about beliefs is that they are a static way to consider reality – the visible or the invisible one. They dictate what is right or wrong and they allow us to take short cuts about how we perceive and interpret what is happening around us. Therefore, beliefs support a standard response as if life’s situations would always be identical.
So let me ask you: are you aware of what is part of your beliefs? Are you aware of the power that  those kind of entities have on your life?

To become more conscious of the negative influence of some of your beliefs, start an observation-training:
Every morning before leaving your bed or every evening before going to sleep ask yourself “what am I thinking right now? Am I kind towards myself? Is my attitude towards my life positive?”.
Take some notes, they will help you to track your observations.

The aim of this training is to gain more awareness of the way you nourish what is part of your invisible world. And to discover if you have some contradicting intention inside you.

If you wish to receive support with this training and to deal with your contra-intentions, contact me.

(*) The Awakening the dreamer workshop of the Pachamama Alliance
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