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Our beliefs

Telegraph HillWe have normally a lot of opinions about ourselves and about life in general. Those opinions are always coming from past experiences.

Even if we are not aware about them, they become beliefs that create our present, because they sit in our bodies.

In this and in the following two articles, I will approach the subject of our beliefs and how we can modify them.

Where ever the origin of a belief is, it has an impact in our life, it may enhance our lives or it shrinks our attention so our perception is limited to confirming the past experiences.

Take the example of “I’m not enough”.
It is like having a program inside, making us only see what fits the program. It is confirming our belief.

This has an impact in the way we think and we are in our bodies for 3 main reasons:

  • the belief creates a great amount of stress inside us.
    How can I be relaxed, confident and open towards life, when I know already that I am not good enough?
    Stress is a physical reaction indicating that this believe of “I’m not enough” is sitting inside our bodies
  • the belief is so general and vague that it makes it difficult to think about what exactly is not enough.
    How can I change? Why am I not enough? What is not enough about me? It is difficult to ask ourselves those question because the believe creates a narrow way of thinking.
  • the belief becomes an attitude and it weakens whatever we do.
    So the chances are higher to recreate a situation that easily confirms the believe

The good news is that our attention likes what is new and it likes to reconsider different elements.
If you may notice you are tensed and stressed, uneasy or even feel numb, there might be a high chance that there is a believe in your body that is causing this.
It is possible to learn how to modify beliefs from the past and not only by understanding them, but also by letting them go from the body.

To stop carrying them inside us.

In the next article I will write more on the way we hold onto our beliefs.

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