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Our contribution to the Drawdown Process

Two years ago, we presented the Drawdown project. The aim of this project is to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby stopping catastrophic climate change — as quickly, safely and equitably as possible. I am very happy to inform you that this project is still dynamic and active. New material has been put together in 6 units, developing 6 different topics about climate change.
But how this topic is connected with bodyawareness and being aware of our automatic pattern?
Well, I believe that being disconnected from the body, being stressed and under pressure are “good” ingredients to bring us to consume too much. When it becomes difficult to enjoy the “little” pleasures of being alive because lack of time, the “need” of getting more – stuff, experiences, emotions, inputs – become bigger so to compensate the sense of emptiness or of the lack of meaning we may experience in our modern society.
On the other hand, to notice what is around us requires time. It requires us to take time not only for breathing in and out – which allows to perceive ourselves more, but also to pay attention to what is moving and living with us, beside humans: the weather and the change of seasons, the trees of the forests, the birds.

To take time enhances also our ability to enjoy the simplest pleasures of life: the coffee in the morning, the hot shower in the evening, the warm hug from a friend, the beauty of nature.

Climate change may sound a too big topic, maybe a bit depressive. But even if we are busy, modern individuals, we can contribute to create a positive change, without feeling guilty or torn apart. We can achieve this by increasing our capacity to pay attention: not only to ourselves and what we feel, but also to our world and what this makes us feel.
Bodywork can support you in strengthen your ability to pay attention!

Picture of the Luzern Lake taken this Summer

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