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My heart has opened up more

“Michelle literally touched my heart at our Grinberg sessions. I will always be thankful for what she did. She is a great person and a great practitioner.  I went to her full of fear, deep pain and sorrow.  I had 5-6 sessions with her and now I feel much better.  I feel happier with myself and my life as it is. I cannot say, that I lost all my fears, but I know how not to get stuck in them. I feel that my heart has opened up more to let in and out all the emotions it used to block and get stuck on. Michelle taught  me how to be present and to let my strong emotions just pass through me, how to let go of things I cannot change and control. She taught me to notice how I feel on the very physical level, to notice how my body reacts to what is going on around me and inside me. The question she gave me is “How do you feel?” This question was hard and new for me at the beginning, because I was used to only observe my thoughts, not the physical reactions to any thought and emotion I actually have. The way we worked was a combination of talking, massage and home works. With the massages Michelle helped me release and unknot some places, where I was holding emotional pain and tension. All three parts of our work could not have been successful without the others. The most important of them, for me,  was the homework: breathing, observing and doing lots of yoga. I do believe, that  it is our own responsibility to help ourselves. Anyone outside us can just show us the way and push us in the right direction. Michelle did that for me, pushing me gently, but firmly and supporting the first steps, so now I can walk alone. Thank you, Michelle! ” Rozalina, Recruiter.

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