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Needing sunlight

We are now entering the last part of Winter and see the first days of sun allowing us to enjoy a bit of “need of the sun.” This is particularly true for people who do not practice outside activities such as skiing or walking.

Needing sunlight is now widely recognized. A brief research on the Internet makes us aware that in Northern countries where the sun is low in winter, deficiencies may occur, particularly with Vitamin D levels.

By exposing ourselves to sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes per day, we synthesize vitamin D which is very important in the storage of calcium in the bones. This vitamin is produced primarily by the body (scientifically, it is rather considered a hormone) which is able to store it. By exposing ourselves to sun during the summer, we build our reserve of vitamin D for the winter months. A signal showing Vitamin D deficiency is fatigue … But fatigue has many causes…
Today, I write about the need for sunlight, because it gives us the opportunity to take time for ourselves and rest for 10/15 minutes in the sun.

If you do not spend time outside, maybe you also have a hard time to take breaks and make time for yourself. Recognizing the need for sunlight could be an opportunity to practice “making a break” 10 minutes every day, take time to start synthesizing the famous vitamin D (outside, in a place where the sun’s rays touch you, even if the sky is overcast). This will also give you the opportunity to experience your perceptions: to feel the warmth of the sun on the skin, the coldness of the air when the sun is covered and the light behind closed eyelids.

Take time to breathe deeply, feeling your lungs expand as a result of breathing. All this leads you to pay attention to yourself through the sensations on the skin and respiration. And also to pay attention to your surroundings.

I suggest training “making a break” to fulfill the need for sunlight as a reminder to take time for yourself. Take 10 minutes every day to be outside of your usual areas, to feel, to breath and to synthesize vitamin D …

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