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Why do we want to expand our breathing?

Golden GateYou may have notice that, as many other practitioners and coaches do, I always emphasise on the importance of breathing.

The breathing is a direct bridge to our ability to perceiving more of the changes appearing inside us and in our surrounding. When we limit our breathing, our perception’s ability is also reduced. When we breath bigger and deeper, our perception becomes also bigger and deeper.
Although it is quite clear to everyone why we need to breathe, it is not always evident why it is important to expanding our breathing and deepening our respiration. Sometimes this is very uncomfortable: it takes more time and slows us down. On the other hand, it allows us to feel more of what is happening in our body!

The mechanism of limiting our breathing is especially important when we are in situations that we perceive as “bigger” then us. This is what we learn as kids. Kids don’t know how to deal with intense emotions and they imitate the adults around them. That means, reducing the breathing, contracting the body and sending the attention into “another world” is the common way to deal with what we perceive as “bigger” then us.
Once we are adult, we keep using the same pattern. We are not really aware of how we reduce ourselves, since that is now normal for us. But we may notice the consequences: lack of energy, physical symptoms, constant worries…

Why should we expand our breathing and hence enlarge our perception?
Through perception we can :

– be more aware of our state: tension, tiredness, satisfaction (or lack of satisfaction);
– be more present and collect more energy;
react early to what is happening around us and prevent some unpleasant situation.

The bodywork session aims to regain control of our ability to enlarge our perception. This is mainly done through our respiration. We are then much better prepared to face the challenges we meet in our life.

Picture by Massimo Martino

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