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Vital Again

“Now, that we decided to “end” our collaboration, I want to take a moment to look back and call to my mind, how much we have achieved togehter… I remeber the start very well, when I was pretty desperate, sad and numb: my mom had died recently, my husband was in a difficult situation and all I felt was that I have to do this and I have to do that (even backing christmascookies was a must). I made myself small, I didn’t wanted to be seen, I avoided changes and I treated myself in a pretty harsh way.
You tought me how to feel my body again, how to connect the brain, the body and the senses, how to feel all these different sensations without classifying. Even how to let happen and explore pain and perceive how it finnaly melts and energy is able to flow through the whole body again.
I was trapped in old habits, constantly repeating the same situations. I wanted to have the control, forgetting that it also meant to be behind walls, making everything inflexible and blocked.
Your knowledge, ability to emphatize and humor were always helpful. You taught me to breath deeply and to be attentive to the body, to feel the sensations without judging. I learned to embrace and trust my body. I am confident again, I am not afraid of challenges anymore, to the contrary, I am looking for them.
Now, once in a while, when I catch myself breathing superficialy for a moment, I hear (in my head of course) a soft voice telling me: “breathe deeply”…and that is what I’m continuing doing  – with a bright smile in my face…
I want to thank you very much, for helping me become satisfied, flexible, free and vital again” Cornelia, teacher.

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