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How to train from Control to Intuition

letting-goEmotions are a great source of energy, even if it is not always easy or comfortable to experience them! How can we train so to reduce our control and tap more into our intuition?

There you find 5 steps that will help you to increase your awareness in a specific situation and give you a base to train how to change it.
And if you need more support, you can always contact me!

First step: Describe the situation
Think about a situation where you notice that you are controlling too much. The situation needs to be repetitive. In there you are not acting freely and you feel “stuck”.
Some examples: being annoyed about friends checking constantly their phones. Waiting for your partner to get ready and becoming more and more nervous. Becoming irritated when people don’t follow your conversation’s line, etc… In those situations, we try to control ourselves by using our energy to oppress our emotions … and when we cannot do it anymore, our anger or frustration explodes.
When does this situation start? When does this situations finish? Does it occur regularly? At what frequency? What happen in it?

Second step: Who is part of this situations ?
Your partner? Members of your family? Friends? Or are you alone?

Third step: how do you feel…
Before the chosen situation.
During this situation.
After this situation.

Forth step: responses of your body
How are you breathing?
How is your posture?
Where do you create tensions?
This part is extremely important: we cannot change what happen around us. But we can influence our own attitude and reaction.

Firth step: what can be done differently in order to change this situation?
Some examples: Ask questions. Do something different or surprising. Say “no” instead of saying “yes” or say “yes” instead of saying “no”. Etc…
When we want to change a repetitive situation, we need to change how we are in our body: our respiration, our ability to move and to speak.

We need to shift: from being stuck controlling the situation to being able trusting our experiences. When we pay attention to the situation, to how we are in it and to what we would like to change, we are training to introduce something new in our life.

Those 5 steps help us to shift from a control based on the illusion to feel secure by repressing what could be unexpected, to a control based on living what is happening inside us.

I will be happy to know about your experiences and discovers!

Picture by Tressa Fanoe

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