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From Control to Intuition

IntuitionIn my last article, we talked about how we control our body by repeating and reducing ourselves, when we want to feel safe.
That pattern allows us to avoid certain emotions that we consider negative: fear of being rejected, anger, guiltiness, sensation of missing out something important..

Those emotions can help us to navigate in our life. They give us some clues about what is going on inside us: what do we want or not? What makes us feel comfortable or not? What do we appreciate or not? How are we stuck in our life?

When we experience them by not controlling ourselves, we can “use” those emotions. We can decide to do something new instead of repeating the same attitude / behaviour. Or we can just observe our emotional and mental reactions and better understand what is going on inside us.

Experiencing our negative emotions is an ability that helps us to realise how we truly feel in a certain situation. It also helps us to discover why we tend to avoid them opening the door for our intuition.

We can think about intuition as all the informations that we do not process with our rational mind. When we do menage to digest them, let them circulate inside us and being oxygenated through our breathing, we can reconnect with them under the form of feelings and sensations. Then our rational brain can recognise and use those informations!

Emotions are a great source of energy, even if it is not always easy or comfortable to experience them! They support us to move from control to intuition!

Discover how to train this on my next news or by contacting me!

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