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The ironman

“You asked me to write a feed-back about my experience with you : what I have learned and how the process was. We had many funny moments. We often laughed. And with that, you have managed to focus to the topics that occupied me. I still remember how stubborn I started our meetings and how relieved I often left afterwards. In between laughing and crying. And I always appreciated your active role, your psychological flair and your ability to respond to different situations.
Well, what have I learned? To breathe. Take breaks. Then to answer. I had only to remind myself about those … and I still groping in old patterns.
And how was the process? Well, maybe it was because of my incomplete knowledge of French or your stubborn refusal to learn German but sometimes I could not understand easily your questions. The typical sequence of a session was: say hello and take off clothes. Efficiently you touched always the point, through your initial questions with glances at my immaculate feet and cracking toes. Then it was the merciless infliction of pain. You tortured me! This should also be said. Towards the end I always experienced a sense of resolution (mentally and physically), then rest, get dressed, Tschüss. Dear Michelle, thank you for many exciting discoveries!” The Ironman, lawyer.

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