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“Since 2007 I have come to you for recovery problems: the first time the shoulder, then the thigh and lately the little toe.
Thanks to you my right arm stopped tingle: after an accident in 2003 where I broke my shoulder and after 6 months of physiotherapy I started to regain confidence with the movements of the shoulder. However, unconsciously I continued to protect my shoulder and in 2006 it began tingling. After visiting Doctors, Physiotherapists and Neurologists I tried a different method to tackle the problem. Thanks to your touch I regained full use of my right arm and as a side effect I quit smoking.
A few years later, in 2011, making short sprint on the football field, I get hurt in the thigh. I was so sore that I had to limp back home where I picked up the phone and made an appointment with you. After 4 sessions, about two weeks, I was able to recover the full use of the leg.
Finally last week, I was over thinking at home and I stumbled in the door jamb and I stroke very badly with my little toe. After three hours it had turned purple and I said I have to call Michelle! Fortunately you had time to give me a session. Today, the day after the session, i.e. two days after the strike, the finger’s is back to it normal rose and I can move it without too much pain, Thank you very much”. Massimo, accounting.

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