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Practical Conferences Series

My clients often ask me about how to better understand the messages of their bodies. My answer is: by living more in the body!
In order to practically develop this, additionally to the individual sessions and to the group activities on Thursday morning, I decided to organize a series of 3 conferences on “Breathing”, “Sleeping and Resting” and “Digest”.
The aim of these 3 conferences is to help the participants to become more embodied.

Being stuck, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, with physical symptoms and pains have an influence on our respiration, our ability to rest and our digestion.
Release consciously tensions; be aware about the reactions to what you perceive, have a calmer mind so to notice the signals of your body help to regain control on your negative reactions.

We superficially consider that “Breathing”, “Sleeping and Resting” and “Digest” happen automatically. And this is correct: our survival depends on all of them. So they are in our instincts baggage and they can happen without our attention. Because they are automatically, we tend to not pay so much attention to them.
This changes when some problems arise and ignoring or silencing our bodies becomes difficult. That may be scary or inconvenient, but it is also a chance to enlarge our body attention.

Anxiety, fatigue, difficulties with sleeping or digesting, strange sensations in the belly or in the chest area are all attempt of our body to call back our attention to our home, the sources of our perceptions. Stress, worries, lack of physical movement are all factors that participe to the creation of our negative reactions.
It is then normal that we react negatively to what we perceive specially when some unpleasant sensations manage to overcome our ignoring mechanism.

There is a remedy against ignoring: embracing what you feel.
We tend to forget that our whole body needs our attention in order to evolve from “functioning” well to “living” well. To consider ourselves as a body is a huge change of perception. Suddenly we become aware that we have the responsibility to listen to ourselves.

Breathing –> Saturday 18th of January at 11h
Rest and Sleep  –> Saturday 1st of February at 11h
Digestion –> Saturday 15th of February at 11h
At my Praxis. Number of places is limited, thanks for confirming your participation: contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.

Picture of Massimo Martino, Autumn in Zermatt

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