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Feel empowered

“Michelle is a not only a wonderful person, but a fantastic therapist with a great sense of humour and a huge experience and knowledge. She is the kind of person who was born to be a natural healer!
She effortlessly¬†created a safe, welcoming and healing atmosphere already on our first session. She guided me through a journey of self-discovery by teaching me how to raise awareness of my body’s reactions to difficult situations, which I handled in a pretty much self destructive way in my whole life.
With her help I started to learn how by changing our physical response to a stressful situation (breathing techniques and body posture) actually influences our conscious/subconscious reaction to it! It is an incredibly interesting experience and it makes you feel so empowered!
By asking the right (sometimes very painful) questions and giving her reflections on my story, she managed to point out with love and empathy the breakpoints in my history that I need to work on.
As a manifestation of these blockages, she applied a very precisely targeted massage, (which made me want to die first), but definitely released the cumulated stress from my body, leaving me with the sensation of weightlessness.
I also love her sense of humour, it helped me feel very comfortable from the beginning and she showed me how to laugh about myself and how to be more relaxed and accepting of who I am and how I feel.
It’s truly incredible how much I learn about myself and although my self-discovery with her is still ongoing, I can only recommend Body Learning with Michelle to everybody who is looking to find or regain a healthy balance in any areas of their lives. You will never regret it!” Melinda

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