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Contradict your self!

23.3.36 murales - copieIn my previous articles, we discovered how we hold negative beliefs in our bodies and how we may recognise the influence those beliefs have in our life.
We also started to identify a belief by paying attention at a certain situation where this belief appears, who is involved, our emotional response and how do we hold our bodies.

All beliefs give us a key for reading what is happening around us. They give us a false sense of safety by telling us what we have to do and ….what we do not have to do in order to keep us save!
Now you can start to train!

When you think about the situation where your belief appears, you may notice that there is some kind of action that you do.
And when we always repeat the same kind of action in the same situations, we are in an automatic program.

Here are some examples of actions, that we may always do:

  • Never look into the eyes (belief = If I look into the eyes I will appear confrontative)
  • Always say yes (belief = I have to be nice to be liked)
  • Always say no (belief = If I say yes I will be abused)
  • Never ask questions (belief = If I ask I will look stupid)
  • Never ask for help (belief = I have to manage alone)
  • Never talk about my difficulties (belief = If I look weak I will lose respect/consideration)
  • Always say that everything is fine (belief = I have to hide my difficulties in order to be save)
  • Always say that something is wrong (belief = if I am satisfied/happy I will appear arrogant)

Of course we may find many other little actions that we repeat. Those examples aim to help you finding out what is your automatic program, that maintains the belief inside you.
The training you may want to start consists of contradicting your belief, to act upon it like you normally would not. So to experience a different outcome.
I recommend to choose an easy, but regular situation. Note what is happening when you manage to change your automatic program.
What is different during the situation – and how is your experience there after?

By breaking the pattern you will gain more energy and create new opportunities in your life.

You may train this practise by yourself or with my support!
In either way, I will be happy to hear about your experiences!

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