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A beautiful experience

“… And so it happened that I met Michelle … When I asked her what she was doing, she answered “I work with the breath “. Something in my abdomen relaxed and I heard a voice saying “I finally found someone who will teach me how to understand and really perceive where my breath fits in the various moments of the day, especially in the moments when emotions move within my body, take over and thus prevent free flow of breath”.┬áIt was a beautiful experience!
She made me angry Michelle and so much …… but finally no longer with myself. And it also scared me, a lot, when she immediately read inside me. It terrified me and it took all my courage, my obstinacy and my confidence to come back to her and come back again and again and each time with a more and more conscious me. Thank you Michelle for coming into my life when I needed help!” Monica, Children’s Educator

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