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Getting out

Practicing conscious breathing is a bridge inside us. It allows us to notice what inside us is asking for our attention. What kind of sensations, that we usually prefer to ignore, are calling for our attention? Physical tension and rigidity, frustration, dissatisfaction, anger, irritation, tiredness, restricted breath. We can address the restricted breath by training our ability to breathe in different ways. We have already looked at this aspect in my previous articles and you can practice breathing with me every Thursday morning at my Praxis 🙂

What about the physical tension and rigidity? I refer specifically to the shoulder area, the belly and the lower back.[Read more]

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Touch, the most ancient sense

goose bumpsLast month while sitting on the train, I read an article about a new job: the professional cuddler. This professional figure offers a very peculiar service: for a predefined time, they will give a non sexual touch to their clients. They will “just” cuddle!
This service is now spreading in the USA. The article* also mentioned some research proving that cuddling decreases stress and increases the sensation of well being, softness and affection.

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