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Building a breathing practice

Let us start the new year with a more practical look on how we can build up a breathing practice.
First, why is a conscious breathing practice useful?

• we deal with stress situations in a calmer way;
• we have more energy through increased blood circulation;
• we create an inner massage that reduces daily life tensions.

With several easy exercises we can modify our physical and mental state.

This practice helps you with having more body awareness in the present moment. The breathing practice will give you some tools for dealing with uneasy situations in a better way.

1) Conscious Breathing
… is a bridge to your body and allows you to move your attention from the mind to the body.

a) just notice how you are breathing now.
b) Begin breathing deeper and longer in order to increase the amount of air you inhale and exhale.

2) Reconnect to the present
… how do you feel, how do you breathe, how is your posture now.

a) Breathe in and out at the same length: count inside until 4 or 5 when you inhale and then do the same when you exhale.
b) Once you have a deep long rhythm, introduce a short pause of 1-2 seconds between breathing in and breathing out.

3) Recenter
… to be able to pay more attention on how you are and notice what is going on inside yourself.

a) Breathe and pay attention to your diaphragm area: you may put your hands on your ribcage and feel the movement of your ribs expanding and contracting.
b) Start a very fast breathing: this will make the diaphragm move faster and releases tensions. Do this in a sitting position and for 30 second max.
c) Breath again deep and calm. Notice the changes inside you and especially in the diaphragm area.

Enjoy! Let me know if you have questions 🙂

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