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Synchronicity is a concept first introduced by Carl G. Jung. It describes “circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection. In contemporary research, synchronicity experiences refer to one’s subjective experience that coincidences between events in one’s mind and the outside world may be causally unrelated to each other yet have some other unknown connection.” (1)
Jung also considered synchronicity as an healthy, even necessary, function of the human mind.  

I met, again, this concept last year, while following an online course given by Charles Eisenstein living in the gift. I would describe this course as a journey into a process about increasing our sense of being more connected – to ourselves and to what is living around us – and about engaging in a bigger purpose than individualistic interests and rewards. One of the topic of this course was synchronicity and how it helps us to experience our connection to the world.

What written above brings me to consider that synchronicity is a way to pay attention to what happen to us and around us. And by paying attention to what moves around us and through us, we can feel our connection to the world. Suddenly bumping into people we know, having a little experience out of the ordinary routines, exchanging few words with a stranger, observing interactions between other beings – the bees visiting flowers or the kids happily chasing pigeons or two friends meeting with joy… These are all manifestations of synchronicity that may seem banal but make a difference in our experience of feeling alive.

Think about this: feeling alive is completely connected with perceiving our senses … stimulated, engaged and triggered. Even more when this happen in an unexpected way. But in a society where our attention is constantly locked in programs or distractions, synchronicity has a hard time to manifest.
We may feel secure because nothing unexpected happen, but we also pay a price in term of feeling less alive and less connected with the world.

How to change it? How to introduce some place to invite synchronicity to play its magic?
My personal suggestion develops in 4 points:

  1. Let some “empty” space in your schedule. Try to not react to the emptiness – by distracting yourself with social media or becoming occupied with other activities.
  2. Say yes to new kind of activities: going in new places, try new activities, eat in new restaurants or have a drink in a unknown bar. You may even try new kind of movie or shows. This can be done with other persons but also by yourself. Be attentive to your attitude: attend with an open mind and open hearth towards new encounters. And also, this is very important, be attentive to take good care to your state: if something feels “too much”, respect this feeling.
  3. Take some empty time again after, to incorporate the new experiences. Notice what was positive or negative or indifferent for you. Or just notice the nourishment coming from being expose to something different. You may also do this by sharing your experiences and observations with a friend .
  4. Enjoy!

As always I will be very happy to support you!

(1) Reference taken from Wikipedia. 
Picture taken in Sicily – Parco dello Zingaro

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