Special Offers

Bodylearning Special Offers

I offer you to learn how to live in your body through my Special Offers.

A package of 4 individual sessions at the price of fr. 490.- (instead of fr. 560.-).
You will learn to identify and to modify a pattern: you will start to become more aware about the pattern, to notice when and how it appears and to change the way you react.

A package of 3 Conscious Breathing Workout at the price of fr. 200.- (instead of fr. 240.-).
You will learn and practice a set of exercises to enhance your conscious breathing capacity. It will give you more focus, more concentration and reduce your stress reactions.

Transforming pain at the price of 390.- (instead of fr. 440.-)
A 4 sessions package to reduce or transform a physical symptom. The aim of this short process is to reduce your automatic reactions against pain and other uncomfortable sensations. Those reactions provoke tensions, contractions and less circulation. This slow down, and sometimes blocks, the recovery process of the body. This short process has proven its efficiency!

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