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The essential importance of the choice

„Michelle showed the precision of a surgeon in asking key questions that helped me understand physically very disturbing patterns, in my particular case lots of pent up anger and resilient moodiness. I never really understood why these had been such steady life companions until talking with Michelle! In 4 sessions she helped me unlayer these subconscious behaviours and encouraged me to go home and breathe through those emotions (and not try to fight them) whenever a situation would spark off these feelings. My homework for now is learning to communicate, which I am happily going at! Michelle taught me the essential importance of choice: I can choose either to choke down that angry depressing energy or use that energy as that life loving encouraging  kick in the bottom which makes me speak out! This is not always an easy thing to do, I admit, but having learned to see that choice with Michelle has been very empowering!“ Nathalie, Architect

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