Learn to Live in your Body through group activities.

Discover Day at das Zentrum der Körperarbeit  – 30th of October
Curious to experience and learn more about bodywork?

On this day you will dive more into: Craniosacral, Jungian Analysis, Shiatsu, Stopping Automatic Pattern
Book your session by contacting your practitioner!

Breathing Circle – Free collect
“Breathing, it’s meditation for people who can’t meditate”. We build a breathing practice every second Thursdaymorning at 8h via zoom.
Summer Break.
Back on the 25th of August
Ask your access through my contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.

Concentration Practice – Free collect
“What do you stay focus on will grow”. We train our body-attention through concentration exercises to strengthen our ability to focus on what is important in our life! Every second Thursday morning at 8h via zoom.
Summer Break.
Back on the first of September
Ask your access through my contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.

A day to breathe
In the beautiful energy of Alpe Arami, an alpine pasture near to Bellinzona, we will focus on our breath, our body and the contact with Nature.
Next date: Summer 2023.
Book via my contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07. Cost fr. 150.-