Fatigue: Enemy or Friend? How to be less tired and have more energy

Bodylearning-FatigueAre you feeling often exhausted? Do you have the impression that you do too much? Or on the contrary, because you feel tired you do less and you feel your frustration growing with your fatigue?

How do we use the sensation of being tired? This question may appear strange, but resting and regaining energy, in our very active and stimulating life, is not obvious.

During this workshop of 1h, we will:

  • explore our reactions to fatigue and we will look for a way to transform it. More specific to transform our perception of fatigue from being an enemy who doesn’t allow us to perform, to a friend who is supporting us.
  • consider what we can do to increase our level of energy.
  • train together 3 simples exercises to increase our level of energy.