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Listen more to my body

„My journey with Michelle through the Grinberg Method lasted about a year and a half and was a simply beautiful experience, very strong on an emotional and sensory level. Right from the start, I felt a feeling from the „belly“ with Michelle who thanks to her empathy, delicacy and irony has managed to guide me along this path, based on trust, encouragement and even honesty when it was necessary … and sometimes necessary it was?
During this process I learned to listen more to my body and the signals it gives us. Thanks to the work done through breathing and massage I have learned to know and recognize better the signals and emotions that „inhabit“ us inside. I was also able to learn how „little-big“ changes in the everyday life, starting from breathing and posture, have a big impact on the management of our emotions and especially of fears. Looking at the fears in the face, being able to recognize them was one of the most beautiful and difficult parts during the work done with Michelle. Thanks also to the homework between one session and another, I had the opportunity to confront precisely my fears or the „uncomfortable things“ of my life.
One last thing I will never forget about my sessions, is the energy that circulated in the body after working on it … being able to literally perceive the flow of energy under the first layer of skin from head to toes as a continuous vibration was really exciting and liberating!“ Laura

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