Open Day of all Grinberg Method Centers in Switzerland

The 26th of April at 19:00: Lecture about Learning to be well through the Grinberg Method (Dennlerstrasse 24 near the Letzigrund). Theme: an approach and tools learnt through the body that allow you to have the impact that you wish on your life. This includes the realisation of your goals and a general improvement of your health and well-being.

The 27th April 2012 from 11:00 to 19:00: taster sessions (in our Praxis in the Schaffhauserplatz). These sessions allow you to let go of tension and effort in the body, creating more freedom of movement, an increase in energy and improved concentration.
From 19:00 to 20:00: Apero.
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Gain more presence

Very often we try to understand what we are experiencing only through the mind. That way we create a kind of distance with our body. Indeed, we do feel and experience because of our whole body: the sensations on the skin (cold, hot, sweating, dry), the tension on our muscles, the way we hold our belly. All these are reactions to what happens around us (people we meet, tasks we need to accomplish, information to understand) but also to what happens inside us (memories, believes, point of views).

When we detach from our experience as a whole, we reduce our ability to cope with what is happening around us.

This seminar is an introduction to the body work with the Grinberg Method and it aims to present how we teach people to be more aware of their body. This gained awareness allows a higher presence in the reality, which opens more possibilities of choices.

You will also experience some simple exercises to increase your body presence.

According with the time, you will also receive a 20 min seated session on shoulder, neck and arms.

The Monday 12th of March to 9h to 12h / Tuesday 13th of March to 15h to 18h

Frei Raum Aarau – Rain 65 – 5000 Aarau / Seminarkosten CHF 50.-

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Learn to deal with unfairness

Do you often find yourself thinking : « what happened to me, it was really unfair ! » ?

You may notice that when we hold on this kind of thought, we may :

– Build accounts with other people, thus complicate our relationships;

– Judge other people instead of daring to act towards to a change;

– Reduce our vitality and level of energy;

– Repeatedly “maintaining” ourselves with heavy moods.

Take the chance to discover how to change these habits.