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Stop being a control freak

fistIn the previous article we focused on expanding and practicing our respiration and also to pay attention and reducing some of our “daily life produced tension”.

Now I would like to look a bit closer to the question: why do we tend to reduce our breathing and tense up?

The answer is quite simple: through reducing the breath, suppressing and limiting, we try to gain control.



Gain more presence

Very often we try to understand what we are experiencing only through the mind. That way we create a kind of distance with our body. Indeed, we do feel and experience because of our whole body: the sensations on the skin (cold, hot, sweating, dry), the tension on our muscles, the way we hold our belly. All these are reactions to what happens around us (people we meet, tasks we need to accomplish, information to understand) but also to what happens inside us (memories, believes, point of views).[Weiterlesen]