How to deal with physical & emotional pain?

When we suffer from physical or emotional pain, our first reaction is to make something to reduce the sensation.
– we make effort;
– we create tension in the whole body;
– we become less sensitive.
By producing this reaction, we reduce our capacity of self-healing and recovery of the body.

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Pain is scientifically described as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential damage.
The aim of common approaches to physical pain is to get rid of it as soon as possible: so one takes painkillers, or forces his/her body through it by producing efforts and/or additional tensions. The approaches when dealing with emotional pain are similarly aimed to not feel it, by either explain it, talk about it, pretend that it doesn’t concern us, etc.
Any attempt to deny dealing with pain, results into it appearing again and again, usually growing in its intensity with the risk of leading to chronical conditions or severe limitations in life.
This way one creates suffering!
It is possible to learn stopping the reactions against the pain and working with it in such a way that gives the body the chance to heal itself, thus achieving a real recovery. Furthermore, pain could also be the motivation to take the responsibility of our well being into our own hands, by dealing with the actual or potential damages in our daily life.
Bodylearning and das Zentrum der Körperarbeit offer to you the opportunity to discover how you can personally and pragmatically transform your suffering or your pain, with a 1 hour meeting.
(Written by Roberto Verrengia)