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To Improve “Our” Time Space

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Could you take 5 minutes during the day in order to relax yourself? Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and let your head get empty? Or is the feeling of losing time so strong that it prevents you from performing such an exercise?

Stress and it’s Influence on Time Perception
Nowadays the perception of time is shrinking under the effect of stress for an increasing number of people. These people feel they need to fulfill an endless task list and lack time to achieve everything. So they try to speed up in order to do more with less time. Slowing down and resting becomes difficult.

Relax your stomach…
These difficulties can be overcome and worked through the body.  By becoming aware of tension, restlessness and fatigue that follow the experience of stress, the person acknowledges his or her burning out condition more easily and learns to stop it. For example: release the contraction in the belly that “helps” to do everything, this will bring a real sense of space in the body and also in the perception of things to do. The muscles will relax and in a similar way the sensation of time available will expand.

Have more time
So if we feel like we are not having enough time, relaxing our body will influence this perception. It is not easy to pay attention to ourselves and our physical state, because our attention is often and easily drawn away from ourselves.

To learn more about where we stand, we should ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How do I react when I feel stressed?
  • Is it possible to rest whenever I want or is it the situation that takes over?
  • Am I able to plan moments to unwind and relax?

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