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The power of taking care

Take care is the process of protecting someone or something and providing what that person or thing needs(*).
I believe we are all aware about the risk of taking care too much: when we put too much energy and attention in someone or something and we end up neglecting our own needs. Then we experienced tiredness, exhaustion, demotivation, dissatisfaction, bitterness…
But what are the signs of taking too little care of what is around us?
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Another way to take a break

25.3.37 Filibert StepsHoliday season is approaching ! What does it means to take a break ?
A vacation should be a time when we regenerate and collect new energy to invest in our daily life.
It is also a time for doing something different : resting on the beach, trekking up mountains, party on beautiful islands 🙂
It can also be a time to know our self better and get stronger in who we are.

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