Conscious Breathing

Bodylearning Conscious Breathing Workout

Sometimes we may experience that we can not breathe freely. Sometimes the breath is so blocked that the muscles in our torso are not anymore flexible. Sometimes the feelings that go with a different way of breathing may be experienced as very uncomfortable. In theses cases, we have builded an automatic pattern that “serves” primarily to feel less, to reduce the volume of our physical and emotional sensations.

It is possible to learn to practice a Conscious Breathing!

Let me teach you a set of exercises to enhance your Conscious Breathing capacity. This will also give you more focus, more concentration and reduce your stress reactions.

  • Conscious Breathing is something you can control, in contrary to situations, weather or people. You can decide how consciously breath – fast or long, into the belly or the chest, deep or shallow;
  • Conscious Breathing has an effect on your stress reaction: it helps to calm down and slow down your system, when it reacts to pressure;
  • Conscious Breathing allows you to perceive more of yourselves – how you do feel and how much energy you have.
  • Conscious Breathing creates an inner massage that reduces daily life tensions.

Cost per session: fr. 80.- / 1h. See also my Special Offer
Special rates for group of 2, 3 and 4 persons.