Whatever we do and experience in our lives, we involve 3 main aspects of ourselves: our physical body, our emotions and our mind. They are connected with each other and by changing one aspect, we also affect the others.

It may happen that we feel stuck, that we do not live up to our potential, or we do not manage to create the situations we would like to live. We may find ourselves tired, overwhelmedanxious, with physical symptoms and pains, lacking joy, energy and satisfaction.

To learn to live in your body will help you to change those automatic reactions, to better understand the messages of your body and to modify the disturbances limiting you.

The Grinberg Method is a bodywork approach and teaches us to perceive the body more and to stop automatic patterns. Find out what my clients have learnt!
My work does not replace any kind of medical treatment. It is not suitable for people with life-threatening diseases such as cancer or personality-disorder diseases such as schizophrenia or severe depression.

I’m member of the International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners.