Group Activities

Bodylearning Group Activites

Learn to Live in your Body through group activities.

Practical Conferences Series – Free collect
Talk and simple exercises to increase our body awareness or our bodyfulness about:
Breathing –> 18th of January at 11h
Rest and Sleep  –> 1st of February at 11h
Digestion –> 15th of February at 11h
At my Praxis. Number of places is limited, thanks for confirming your participation: contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.

Breathing Circle – Free collect
“Breathing, it’s meditation for people who can’t meditate”. We build a breathing practice twice at month on Thursdays from 8h05 Until 8h35. Join us at Sphères Hardturmstrasse 66 – 8005 Zürich!
January: 16th & 30th
February: 13th & 27th
March: 12th & 19th
April: 2d & 16 & 30th
May: 14th
June: 4th &
July: 2d & 16th
Book my contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.

Concentration Practice – Free collect
“What do you stay focus on will grow”. We train our body-attention through concentration exercises to strengthen our ability to focus on what is important in our life!
At my Praxis from 8h00 to 8h30 at the following dates. New schedule!
23d January
20th February
26th of March

23d of April
28th of May
25th of June
Book via my contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.

The Blissful Gut Retreat
I will take part at The Blissful Gut Retreat, organized by Sandra Mikhail. It will take place during the week-end of 29 February -1st of March 2020 in Atlantis by Giardino, Zurich
More information via my contact form or via phone 078 779 16 07.