About me

bodylearning Bodywork therapist

My name is Michelle Sabatini and I am coming from Ticino. All my life, I have been very interested in the connection between the body, emotions and the mind. When one of those aspects changes, the others will also be affected.

This motivated me to study psychology at the University in Lausanne which I finished in 1999. It also motivated my research of an approach involving the body more.
For curiosity I experienced the Grinberg Method as a client and I found the method very convincing. My level of energy and my wish to contribute to other people’s lives became stronger. So in 2001, I started the training that brought me to become a qualified Grinberg Method Practitioner in 2005.

Since then, I have learned how to live in my body! So I offer my experience working regularly with my clients to support them to deal with discomfort, stress, pains, lack of energy, lack of motivation and repetitive patterns. Parallel to that, I give regularly group activities and I write articles about how to bring more body awareness in our daily life.

I continue to improve and enlarge my experience thanks to the work with people, my passion for traveling and the regular Courses & Trainings I follow.

My motivation is to support people in feeling well in their bodies and in their lives and to be more aware of their emotions.
Find out what my clients have learnt!

Consultations in English, French and Italian.